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Claire Coman

Assistant Dressage Trainer

As a third generation rider, Claire has made a firm step into the professional dressage arena. She keeps a cheerful spirit in her lessons. Her riding style is steady and secure. Her riding brings confidence to the young horse and relaxation and poise to the overly ambitious horse.


Claire has a talent for starting young horses and bringing them up the levels. She also rides advanced horses to showcase for sales or experience/training. Clarie trains beginner to advanced students. 



  • U.S.D.F. Bronze Medal & Silver Medalist

  • Reserve position on the 2015 Region 3 NAJYRC Team

  • USDF Region 3 PSG Reserve Championship 2015

  • USDF Region 3 4th Level Champion 2015

  • Coaching Competitive riders​

  • Clinics with  Scott Hassler, Lendon Grey, and Laura Graves

  • Clinic instructor


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