Felicitas Von Neumann Cosel Clinic - Coming in 2022 sometime

We can't wait to have Felicitas back with us!

Well, we hope Felicitas will be able to make it in 2022 sometime once these COVID surges are over. We are sorry to miss out on her again in February but hoping with spring things will settle down.

If you can't ride with Felicitas come and audit the clinic. You will learn so much and be able to take away tons of great exercises for homework later!

High Point Farm will provide dinner on Friday after the rides.

High Point Farm will provide lunch on Saturday.

**With the assumption that things are better with Covid. Please stay tuned for more updates.


Felicitas' bio from First Choice Farm where she is the head trainer and manager:

Felicitas placed first in her native Germany when completing her “Reitlehrer” (federally certified instructor) certification. She also graduated with the highest score ever awarded up to that time following the restructuring and improvement of the program in 1982 by the German government. Felicitas has also served as a USDF examiner for the Instructor’s Certification Program here in the United States. She edited Reiner Klimke’s book Ahlerich: The Making of a Dressage Champion, and is a frequent contributor to Dressage Today(link) and Practical Horseman (link) explaining her philosophy on the importance of hill work for developing "propulsive power" and "carrying power."

She is an effective and articulate clinician, whose style is sympathetic to the horse. Her strength lies in “making the horse more beautiful, and allowing them to express themselves.” She is sympathetic to the horse and each is trained according to his individual needs and temperament following classical dressage principles. Felicitas patiently encourages the horse to stretch into a soft hand, lift his back and carry his own neck “as if peering over the edge of a cliff”. She bases her work on classical methods as exemplified by the best of the European tradition. Typically participants and auditors alike benefit immensely from the creative and subtle strategies Felicitas shares with them. All leave with a better understanding of how to enhance the flow of their horse's energy from back to front, and front to back again. The skills of Felicitas as a clinician will soon be available on-line from “dressageclinic.com.”

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