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High Point Horse Weeks

2015 Summer Schooling Session
2015 Summer Schooling Session
2015 Summer Schooling Session
2015 Summer Schooling Session
2015 Summer Schooling Session
2015 Summer Schooling Session
2015 Summer Schooling Session
2015 Summer Schooling Session
2015 Summer Schooling Session
2015 Summer Schooling Session
2015 Summer Schooling Session
2015 Summer Schooling Session
2015 Summer Schooling Session
2015 Summer Schooling Session
2015 Summer Schooling Session
2015 Summer Schooling Session
2015 Summer Schooling Session

Do you have a child interested in learning to ride horses or looking to improve over the summer? We have 7 summer horse week sessions available! Come have fun, learn more about horses and horseback riding and improve your skills!


We will have riding games, riding lessons, water games, tie-dye t-shirt sessions and more! 







We are excited to offer several sessions over the summer for riders of all levels. Early Bird Special until April 1st so register now!!


Call Alex at 770-868-6049 or email at for more information and questions!




BEGINNER: never ridden - canters a little

NOVICE: steers at canter - jumps up to 18"

ADVANCED: schooling 18" courses and up

DRESSAGE IEA: riders who will be entering 4th-12th grade in the fall, who can already steer at the trot, and are possibly interested in competing on the dressage IEA team; the final day will be followed by a parent meeting about IEA

QUADRILLE: 4 riders at a time will practice and perform a single dressage test (performed on the last day of the session); we will have a "novice" group option, where the test will only be walk and trot, and an "intermediate" group option, where the test will include canter.



June 5-9: HPHW #1 Beginner, AGES 6-10.......$350


June 12-15: HPHW #2, Dressage IEA Week (must be going into 4th-12th grade in the fall, and MUST be able to steer at the trot, minimally), NOVICE/ADVANCED.......$300


June 19-22: HPHW #3, Crossrail/Show Prep Week (MUST be able to steer at the canter, minimally), NOVICE/ADVANCED........$300


June 26-30: HPHW #4, Beginner/Novice Week, AGES 10-15........$350


July 10-13: HPHW #5, Quadrille Week (MUST be able to steer at the canter), NOVICE/ADVANCED........$200


July 17-21: HPHW #6, Beginner/Novice Week, AGES 6-10..........$350


July 24-28: HPHW #7, Beginner/Novice Week, AGES 10-15..........$350




- Sack Lunch

- Riding Helmet if you own one; if not, a public one will be provided

- Water Bottle

- Sunscreen

- BEGINNER/NOVICE SESSIONS should bring a clean white t-shirt to tie-dye on Monday

- BEGINNER/NOVICE SESSIONS should bring a swimsuit and towel Wednesday and Thursday for water games

- Dressage IEA Week AND Crossrail/Show Prep Week: Wednesday night will be a cookout and sleepover at the barn, followed by a mock horse show on Thursday morning; participants of those sessions should bring tents/sleeping bags/hammocks (whatever they want to sleep in) on Wednesday when they are dropped off for the day



- Long pants or breeches

- Boots or shoes with at least a half-inch heel (cowboy boots work great for the beginner/novice sessions, unless they already have paddock boots) *kids may NOT ride in sneakers*

- Shorts and light clothing may be worn after horse activities conclude (recommended); closed-toe shoes are preferred

- NOVICE/ADVANCED SESSIONS should wear paddock boots and half chaps, if they are not already wearing tall boots



Friday at 1:00, parents are invited to come watch "pony games," which will exhibit skills that the riders will learn throughout the week, in a fun and competitive format.



The final day will incorporate a mini dressage IEA show, where riders will be judged and scored on their dressage tests, and will practice for DSE classes. The mini show will be followed by a parent informational meeting about joining our IEA dressage team.



On the Thursday of the Quadrille Session, the students will perform the quadrille that they will have practiced all week. Parents are encouraged to attend the quadrille performance! Alaina will let everyone know what time to be there for the performance.




BEGINNER/NOVICE WEEKS: Each day begins at 9:00am. Please be 15 minutes early *on the first day* so we can take care of registration. You may pick your student up between 2:00-2:30pm at the end of each day. There will be a $25 fee per day for students picked up after 3:00pm.


DRESSAGE IEA WEEK *AND* CROSSRAIL/SHOW PREP WEEK: Monday and Tuesday are 12:00-4:00; Wednesday is 12:00 - dark; Thursday will be 7:00am-2:00pm. Wednesday will end with dinner, s'mores, and a campout; Thursday morning, participants will "show prep" horses, in practice for the show season, then will do a mock horse show at 1:00 for parents to come watch. An IEA PARENT MEETING will immediately follow the mock Dressage IEA show (June 15, 2023)!


QUADRILLE/DRESSAGE WEEK: Each day is 1:00-4:00. The first half of each day will be in a "classroom" setting, and the second half will be riding and practicing quadrilles. If we have enough people to split into 2 groups, riders will swap off between riding and "classroom" time.


LOCATION OF HORSE WEEKS: High Point Farm Riding Academy—3551 Colham Ferry Rd, Watkinsville, GA 30677




Photos from each session will be available at the end of each week on the High Point Facebook page AND on the High Point website [].




Please mail a NONREFUNDABLE check (made out to High Point Farm, Inc) for the $50 registration fee (taken out of final session total) to:


High Point Farm

1051 Saxon Rd

Watkinsville, GA 30677


If you prefer to pay via credit card, please contact Greg Thaxton at




The remaining amount due is to be brought via cash or check on the first day of session, as well as this completed waiver for High Point, if you don't have a new one on file with us already located here.




EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: $50 OFF if you register for June sessions before April 1, or for the July sessions before May 1!


SIBLING DISCOUNT: $50 OFF for each additional child.

**you may use one discount per child per week (ie: either early bird or sibling, but not both)**

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