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Cayman Islands Jumper Invitational

This past weekend (May 13-15), three of our hunter riders had the amazing

opportunity to attend the first ever (and hopefully annual) Cayman Islands Jumper

Invitational! Caitlyn, Lindsey, and Annabel have all competed for our High Point Farm IEA Team over the past couple of years, and represented our team well.

Each rider from the visiting teams (our team and Jamaica) was paired with a Cayman rider, who helped get our team members familiarized with the horses they drew for the weekend.

Caitlyn drew Lebron, who belongs to the Serpells. Polly, one of their daughters, was

actually a working student for us last summer, so she and Caitlyn were already

friends. The first day of competition, the Cayman riders went first, followed by the

visiting teams. Caitlyn had a tough ride on the first day, but stuck with it. On the

second day of competition, Caitlyn had a clear round in both the first round and the


Lindsey was paired up with Charlie. Charlie showed a pony named Zeus, and

Lindsey showed Dreamy, a super cute gray pony that we had at our farm for a few

months. Lindsey had a time fault on the first day, but went clean the second day.

Annabel (our team) and Kayla (Cayman team) had a very tough draw, Durango. She

had a little bit more motor than Annabel was used to, which was very challenging

for her. The Cayman team chose to allow both Annabel and Kayla to change horses,

and they both did much better with their second draw.

On Saturday afternoon, everyone jumped onto a boat for a catamaran tour to

Stingray City! Polly put together a great video of people with the stingrays, which

Finally, our team of riders and coaches would like to say a great big THANK YOU to

our host homes (and families) for the weekend!!!

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