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Learning to be myself

Learning to be Myself

An open letter from a horse-crazy girl

My relationship with horses all began as a secret. It was a secret I had been keeping for many years. The secret was I wanted to ride horses, but was too afraid to ask. When I did ask, they said, “yes,” and surprised me with a lesson on January 4, 2016.

From the first time I got on I knew I would want to horseback ride and be with horses for the rest of my life. When I am with the horses they always open up this spirit inside of me, that at first I didn’t know I had. This spirit allowed me to be myself.

Horses mean so much to me and have bettered my life in every way. Horses are the inspiration for most of my writings. For example, I write narratives, poems, informationals, and much more. I cannot imagine living in a world without them. Every time I see them it just makes me feel so happy and joyful.

They influenced me to be a better person. Horses have made me much more aware of things as well. They have taught me to be aware of my actions and emotions. This is because they are like a mirror to your emotions. For example, if you are scared, they get nervous. If you are calm, they’re calm, and so on. They teach you to be aware of your actions by showing you the consequences.

Horseback riding has also affected my life. It has made me more social. It makes me open to other people and more friendly. As I tack up my horse or lesson pony I feel a calmness. As I walk to the arena I feel excitement swell up inside me. Getting on the horse I feel joy and a type of wonder of not knowing what’s going to happen. Being at the barn and being on the horse makes me feel like I don’t need to impress anyone and I can just be myself.

Horses and horseback riding are two of the most important and impacting things in my life. They have impacted me in school by getting me good grades when writing about them. They have impacted my life by helping me find who I am, and teaching me to be me.

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