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More Cavaletti Clinics!! October 25th for the next one!

Join us again for the next Cavaletti clinic from Beth Stelzleni/S-Squared Eventing hosted at High Point Farm!

It's the third installment of our cavalletti clinic series! Come join us and learn exerices to increase your horse's strength and flexibility! Cavalletti is an excellent way to improve the quality of your horse's gaits while increasing suppleness, establishing rhythm, and adding fitness. This clinic will teach riders how to isolate and improve each gait over separate cavalletti exercises. The clinic is open to all disciplines and levels but will focus on improving the horse's way of going on the flat. All sessions will be groups of 3-4 riders. Rider fee is $65. All facility fees are included. NEW CANCELLATION POLICY Any rider who cancels after Monday at 8 AM will be required to pay their ride cost in full. (Note: schedule will be posted by Sunday at 8 PM). This clinic will be held in the indoor arena at the lovely High Point Farm, so it will go on rain or shine! Email Beth at for more information.

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