It's almost time for Summer Horse Weeks!

Do you have a child interested in learning to ride horses or looking to improve over the summer? We have 4 summer horse week sessions available! Come have fun, learn more about horses and horseback riding and improve your skills!

We will have riding games, riding lessons, water games, tie-dye t-shirt sessions and more!


*Early Bird Discount Available until April 1st!


BEGINNER: never ridden - canters a little NOVICE: steers at canter - jumps 18" ADVANCE: schooling 18" courses and up


June 4-8: Beginner/Novice, AGES 6-10 June 11-15: Novice/Advanced Dressage Week, AGES 10 and up June 18-22: Beginner/Novice, AGES 10-15 June 25-29: Novice/Advanced, AGES 10 and up

ALL STUDENTS SHOULD BRING: - Sack Lunch - Riding Helmet if you own one; if not, a public one will be provided - Water Bottle - Sunscreen - BEGINNER/NOVICE SESSIONS should bring a clean white t-shirt to tie-dye - BEGINNER/NOVICE SESSIONS should bring a swimsuit and towel Wednesday and Thursday for water games - NOVICE/ADVANCE SESSIONS should bring a swimsuit and towel Thursday for water games

ALL STUDENTS SHOULD WEAR: - Long pants or breeches - Boots or shoes with at least a half-inch heel (cowboy boots work great for the beginner/novice sessions, unless they already have paddock boots) - Shorts and light clothing may be worn after horse activities conclude (recommended) - NOVICE/ADVANCE SESSIONS should wear paddock boots and half chaps, if they are not already wearing tall boots