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Summer Schools Weeks - It's that time already!

We are excited to offer several sessions over the summer for riders of all levels. Early Bird Special until April 1st so register now!!

SESSION LEVELS and DEFINITIONS: BEGINNER: never ridden - canters a little NOVICE: steers at canter - jumps up to 18" ADVANCED: schooling 18" courses and up QUADRILLE: 4 riders at a time will practice and perform a single dressage test (performed on the last day of the session); we will have a "novice" group option, where the test will only be walk and trot, and an "intermediate" group option, where the test will include canter.

SESSION DATES: June 3-7: Beginner/Novice Week 1, AGES 6-10 June 10-13: Advanced Jumping Week (must be jumping courses of 18" or higher) June 17-21: Beginner/Novice Week 2, AGES 10-15 June 24-28: Novice/Intermediate Dressage QUADRILLE Week (must be able to steer at the canter)

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