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Congratulations Cindy Sapp Kennedy on your Silver medal!

Cindy Sapp Kennedy won her division and earned her USDF Silver medal!!!

Cindy was so excited to take over the ride on Haven’s Dalton aka Milton by the grace and generosity of Sylvia Kelemen. She has gone from First Level to PSG in 3 years. So many learning moments along the way.

Third Times the Charm, aka Trey as been her ride for 10 years now, making the transition from upper level event horse to upper level dressage horse. He won his Third level classes and was reserve Champion on Saturday.

From Cindy Sapp Kennedy:

"Cindy Simmons Thaxton has been the coach (and friend) of a life time. I don’t know WHY she puts up with all my ‘sass’ I guess she likes a challenge. Here’s to us!

Life is about the journey, not the destination

This journey is special.

Gregg Kennedy wouldn’t want to do this without you! Thank you for all your love and support. Makes everything more special"


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